Our Objectives

  • Distribute materials such as books, toys and games to expose children to new experiences and stimulate language development and self-expression.

  • Provide training and education for teachers and families to help children without access to therapeutic intervention or choose not institutionalize their child in order to receive services.

  • Create global awareness and educate society on the importance of therapeutic services (speech therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy) for children with special needs around the world.

  • Assist children living in disadvantaged communities that have not been accessed by larger operations.

  • Support increased cultural awareness in our collective society by learning and understanding various cultures through giving.

  • Connect and collaborate to other non-profits with similar objectives to expand knowledge and resources.

  • Become a resource to conscious travelers who want to make a difference through giving to underserved populations by including a mini-mission trip in their travels



of the world's school age

children with special needs are kept out of the classroom because little to no money is budgeted for their needs.


1 in 10

children around the world

are currently living with a disability. 80% of these individuals live in a developing country.



million kids around the world

from the ages of 14 or younger are living with a moderate or severe disability of some kind.


The term “disability” covers a wide range of the spectrum, including cognitive, physical, sensory, learning, speech or emotional challenges.

Our Team

Sandy Dorsey, MA, CCC-SLP

Sandy Dorsey is a licensed speech-pathologist that has witnessed first-hand how children with special needs from disadvantaged backgrounds do not receive necessary help for various reasons.  Driven to close this gap and make an impact, Sandy started Smiles for Speech, a non-profit organization to create awareness of this disparity and enhance the ability of children to communicate by providing them with educational materials, speech/language resources and oral care items so they can excel academically and socially.


Dr. Alayna Townsend, PH.D., CCC-SLP
development director

Dr. Alayna Townsend is a speech language pathologist at the University of Texas Physician’s Pediatric Center for Autism and Related Conditions. She is also an Adjunct Faculty member and Clinical Educator at the University of Houston in the Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders. Alayna earned her master’s degree at the University of Cincinnati and her doctoral degree at Howard University in Communication Sciences and Disorders. She completed her postdoctoral research fellowship as a LoneStar LEND (Leadership Education in Neurodevelopmental Disabilities) fellow at the Center for Autism and Related Conditions. Her research interests include early social communication behaviors and cultural perspectives regarding Autism Spectrum Disorder. In her spare time, she enjoys traveling, mentoring students, being a foodie, and operating her online bow tie and pet accessory businesses.

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Smiles for Speech in Action