Project Peru

Lima and Sacred Valley
October 24- November 1, 2018


Travel abroad, get out of your comfort zone and join Smiles for Speech for an opportunity to make a difference! This adventure of a lifetime includes seven days, six nights exploring the culture of Peru while volunteering to work side by side with children with special needs at a school, hospital and various nonprofit organizations. Become a part of making the world a better place!



Our first visit will be to Colegio La Alegria en el Senor, a center for inclusion located in the La Molina District of Peru that educates, trains and rehabilitates disadvantaged young people with physical disabilities. You'll join an inspired community of like-minded people such as speech pathologists, occupational therapists, physical therapists and educators in sharing methods of helping children with various special needs/disabilities while spreading smiles and joy.



We will visit children at My Small Help and the Kiya Survivors/Rainbow House whose projects focus on providing support, therapy and love for children with special needs as well as abused and abandoned children and their families.

During our trips, our goal is to serve not only the children and the families we visit, but also their communities. You will have the opportunity to experience agricultural life, traditions, and culture firsthand while helping families improve their quality of life by participating in workshops such as ceramics, chocolate making, Chicha (typical maize drink) preparation, beekeeping, flower growing, weaving, coffee processing or guinea pig raising. 

Our last two days will be spent enjoying a spectacular and scenic journey to Aguas Calientes and Machu Picchu.


"I was reborn on my mission trip with Smiles for Speech. I was able to recognize myself and my spirit in the families and kids we visited. I think they made more of an impact on me then I did for them." — Irene

Sample Accommodations

Package Includes:

  • 6 x nights / 7 days accommodation

  • Transportation to the Colegio La Alegria en el Senor/Neoplastics hospital/Peru Association for Laryngectomies in Lima

  • Round trip flight from Lima to Cusco

  • Transportation to Urubamba-NGO’s My Small Help/ Kiya Survivors/Rainbow House

  • Optional Chichumba Community Tourism Tour

  • Machu Picchu entrance fee/permit/tour

  • Excursion and hike through beautiful mountains of Machu Picchu

“I joined Smiles for Speech because I wanted to change lives… but every life I touched changed mine. “ — Jendayi


Mission Trip Cost: $1690*

NOTE: You only have to book your airfare by September 30th  to be registered. No deposit required. Pay your balance by October 15th and you are on your way. Email us at to  tell us a little bit about yourself and share why you would like to join the mission trip . *based on triple occupancy


Team Leaders

Sandy Dorsey, Founder of Smiles for Speech

Sandy Dorsey is a licensed Speech-Language Pathologist that for over 15 years has provided speech and language services to wide ranging populations, from early intervention to high school students in New York City. Sandy has witnessed firsthand how children with special needs from disadvantaged backgrounds do not always receive necessary help for various reasons.  Driven to close this gap and make an impact, Sandy founded Smiles for Speech, a humanitarian, education-based organization dedicated to increasing awareness of this disparity while working with children with special needs and families within their communities to enhance their ability to reach their full potential by promoting self-esteem, self-expression and confidence.


Ana Berrios is a bilingual Speech-Language Pathologist, born and raised in Puerto Rico and trained at the University of Puerto Rico. Her interest in working with culturally diverse people motivated her to move to New York City in 2014 where she currently specializes in Early Intervention. Prior to becoming a Speech Pathologist, Ana volunteered and taught a Spanish course for an NGO in Brazil for children at risk.  She enjoys working with infants and toddlers and their families to support and enhance children’s developmental skills as well as parent education. This will be Ana’s second adventure to Peru!


Thanh Dinh is a Canadian-trained Occupational Therapist currently working with geriatric rehabilitation. He received his Master of Science in Occupational Therapy in Canada at the University of Western Ontario. Thanh relocated to New York City in 2015 to begin his professional career, where he gained experience working with children and adults with physical, mental, and intellectual disabilities. He has a strong desire to help others while traveling and immersing himself in new cultures around the world. 

Q & A

How many people will attend this mission trip?
We will travel with around 6-8 volunteers.

Who can attend?
We welcome those with a sense of adventure and a heart dedicated to helping children with special needs from disadvantaged communities.

When should I plan to arrive at the center?
We will leave the hotel on the morning of October 25th at 8am to make our first visit.

How do you assign the rooms?
Rooms are assigned on a first come, first served basis based on when you make your deposit. We will match according to who you would like to share a room with.

What airport do I fly into?
Please book your flight to the Jorge Chavez International, Lima, Peru to arrive the morning of Oct 25th.

Are transfers included?
You are responsible for your airport transfers to and from Lima.

What can I expect the daily program to look like?
Each volunteer can choose which activities to attend. However, a day will look something like this:

  • Breakfast

  • Scheduled Visits

  • Lunch

  • Free time / optional planned outing

  • Dinner